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Sin City Foodie Review

McFadden's- Logo

McFadden’s is holding strong. In a location that has been quite a few establishments since the opening of Town Square, McFadden’s seems to have found the gold at the end of the rainbow and has been able to have just the right  mix of fun and good food that is much needed in such a local. I was invited to try out their brand new menu and I was not disappointed. For a place known for it’s fishbowl drinks and short kilted McFadden girls, the food is by far better than you’d expect.

On this venture I tried 3 appetizers, 2 entrees, a side, and a dessert. (With Guinness to wash it all down.) First up is the Chipotle Garlic & Cream Shrimp. They offer this on it’s own or with pasta. I had the a la carte version with garlic bread. The shrimp were of adequate size and for an appetizer was decently filling. The chipotle sauce was tasty and had just enough heat on it to add some zing. And, to my surprise, the shrimp and bread had the perfect amount of garlic to them. Many places over garlic their garlic dishes and it ruins all of the other flavors, this dish was perfectly seasoned and gave me garlic, but not overwhelmingly so.

McFadden's- Chipotle & Garlic Shrimp

The next app was the McFadden’s Poutine. Poutine’s have been a go to for bars and gastropubs for a while now and this one is one of the better that I’ve had. Perfectly suited to down with a hearty beer while watching your favorite sporting event, this poutine is cheesy goodness all over. The cheese blend was the star here with a nice rounding out of heat from the jalapeños. The fries were thick and still had some bite to them and were not as soggy as they looked. This is definitely a “heavy” appetizer, but it’s perfect bar food.

McFadden's- MacFadden's Poutine

The Creamy Parmesan Mac & Cheese could feed two to three people easily. A healthy portion size and perfectly cooked noodles make this one of the better values on the menu. And man oh man are the mushrooms and bacon bits amazing in this. They absolutely make this a step above your typical mac and cheese. Also, the fact that the noodles weren’t swimming in a cheese sauce was great, they were cheesy not over the top. This is one well rounded, very well put together, plate of mac and cheese. Absolutely great.

McFadden's- Mac & Cheese

Now this is one fun burger! The Blackjack Burger has a lot going on inside that brioche bun, but everything blends beautifully together and offers a full palette of flavors. The meat is apparent but not overbearing, the bacon and onions are phenomenally on point, and the cheese and sauce round out a very tasty burger. This is one burger you don’t want to miss!

McFadden's- Blackjack Burger

To try a side, I had the Buffalo Cajun Fries. I’m always a fan of seasoned fries and these pretty solid. They were pretty much non-curly curly fries. They had the same consistency and flavoring but were just straight. They had a good crunch to them and were lighter than they seemed. A good sharing side and great pairing to any of the burgers.

McFadden's- Buffalo Cajun Fries

Now for the king of my meal: the Chicken & Bacon Pancakes! Holy Hell was this thing out of control! First of all, it’s the size of my head. Second of all, it combines some of my favorite things, sweet/savory, bacon, chicken, and breakfast! It’s no secret that I’m a giant fan of chicken and waffles, well this is a remix of sorts that straight up knocks it out of the park! Let’s call this a beautiful, organized mess. The chicken was flavored marvelously and had an excellent crunch to it. It was savory and had just a touch of sweetness on the back end. The bacon was crispy and sweet, and the “flying under the radar” star of the show was the gravy inside that bound everything together. The pancakes were thick and fluffy and offered a perfect blend of sweet and savory that complimented what was beheld within its grasp. This, my friends, is one Hell of a dish. It’s huge, it’s ridiculous, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever had. I don’t care what time of day it is, order this and be prepared to be in awe!

McFadden's- Chicken & Bacon Pancakes

To finish things off I had the Very Berry Pound Cake. Now this was served a little different and I liked it! The cake was in diced cubes and it made it fun and easy to eat. The berry compote was bold and flavorful and the cake was nice a dense but still soft and had a great mouth-feel. The portion size is great for two to share and it works with everything else because it was not overtly sweet.

McFadden's- Pound Cake

McFadden’s has a lot going for it right now and the food should not be overlooked. If you’re in Town Square and haven’t tried their new menu, make it a point to do so in the near future!

McFadden's- SinCityFoodie
Rating out 
of 10
Description 9 Location

With a ton of things to do in Town Square, McFadden's can be your destination or a stop while galavanting elseware.

7 The Décor

Overall McFadden's has an Irish Pub vibe going on with lots of posters of their promotions and other events as well.

10 The Prices

For the portion sizes and quality of food, the prices are actually some of the best in Town Square, bang for the buck.

9 The Drinks

I've had their fish bowls and such in the past, there's a wide selection for everyone and the bartenders are always fun and friendly.

10 The Food

I didn't have one thing that even remotely tasted bad. Everything was cooked well, plated beautifully, and prepared with care. The ingredients are fresh and the options are stacked. McFadden's is a culinary powerhouse hiding within an Irish Pub.

9 Overall

A Sin City Foodie favorite!

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